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RMGA Tip Book

It has long been our dream at Rocky Mountain Greyhound Adoption to have our own web site to showcase our organization and to let everyone learn from our  collection of tips.  We are quite proud of our Tip Book and hoped you would find it as useful as our adoptive families have.

Now, our dreams have been realized on both counts!  This is the on-line version of the Tip Book that we give to all our adopters.  We hope that all who find their way here enjoy the site and maybe even pick up a few valuable tips.

Announcing: Our tip book is now available in an ebook! If you'd rather have it on your computer to read offline go here.


This Tip Book began when Rocky Mountain Greyhound Adoption was incorporated back in 1994. Back then there were one or two good resources for greyhound information but they were not easily found. We decided to put together the collective wisdom of several sources for our adopters, something we could provide containing what we felt would be the most important information you'd need. These hints have a lot of experience behind them, and are being offered to help you and your greyhound make the best transition possible into your new life together. Although we provide these tips for your use, remember that we are always available to discuss any situation, problem, concern or question you might have. If you are having a problem, don't let the problem grow; call any of us immediately so we can nip any problem before it grows. Always feel free to use the contact information on our Home Page to ask any specific questions!

There are no foolish questions, and, believe us, over the years we have seen just about everything! If we don't know the answer for your question, we will get the answer for you. Also, if you find a solution to a pet problem, or find an especially helpful tip, please let us know so we can add it to our tips. This Tip Book has evolved over the past seven years from a four page summary to what you see now and we anticipate it will continue to grow.


Introducing Your Greyhound to the Home
The First Few Days
House Training Made Easy
Basic Care
Miscellaneous Information
Recommended Items
Registration, Pedigree & Racing Records
Final Thoughts

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